A Field Trip to Airport(2015-2016)

On 23rd June 2016, a group of P4, 5 and 6 students were selected to join a trip to the airport to interview travellers and airport staff. It was a fantastic time and the students grew in confidence as they used their English skills to talk to people that they did not know.  

The activity was followed by a wonderful buffet meal at the Regal Airport Hotel to reward the students for their hard work.

'What are your duties as an airport ambassador?' 'Is your job very hard?' 'Welcome to Hong Kong.'
'Where will you stay in Hong Kong?' 'Do you live in Hong Kong?' Another great interview.
 'What do you like about Hong Kong?' 'What’s it like, working in an airport?' 'Enjoy your holiday!'
'Yeah!' 'Why are you visiting Hong Kong?' 'Thank you for your time.'
'Wow! You have so many bags.' 'Is this your first time to visit Hong Kong?' 'How many stars would you give Hong Kong International Airport?'
'Where are you from?' Good work! 'I liked the Peak and Stanley Market.'
'Smile for the camera.' 'Excuse me, may we ask you some questions?' 'What attractions will you visit in Hong Kong?'
Everybody say ‘Yeah!’ 'Is it difficult being a flight attendant?' ‘Cheeeese!’
'Sushi, sushi and more sushi!' 'Who's full!' 'What an enjoyable buffet lunch!'
'Could they eat another mouthful?' 'This group looks heavier that when they arrived.' 'A quick photo before dinner.'
'The buffet was amazing!'  'What a meal!' 'What a trip!'
'What were your favourite sites in Hong Kong?' Lovely students! Very cool and friendly officers.
'How long will you stay in Hong Kong?' 'I’d give this interview 5 stars!' 'I'm Australian.'
'I'm from the USA.' 'How can I become a pilot?' 'I'm from Sri Lanka.'
'I'm from Spain.'
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